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Welcome to Erase the Canvas


We've added to our lineup of services!


Erase The Canvas is the go-to for professional laser tattoo removal in Hampton Roads. Erase The Canvas will remove unwanted or outgrown tattoos and skin blemishes on the most delicate skin. Check out our anti-aging treatments to keep you looking young as the environment and time work against you. We also provide hair removal services for both men and women as well as a number of body piercings. 

Tattoo Removal Williamsburg
Skin Resurfacing Williamsburg
Pigment Treatment Williamsburg
Hair Removal Williamsburg
Botox Williamsburg
Vascular Lesions Williamsburg
Piercings Williamsburg



Dr. Steven C. Mares is a proven doctor in his community of Williamsburg, VA and the surrounding area. He is a board certified Pediatrician and practices Sports Medicine in New Town in Williamsburg.  He cares for infants to young adults from Chesapeake to Fredericksburg and on up to Stafford, VA. If there is one person that knows how to care for the most precious bodies, it is him.

"There is a story that goes with every tattoo and sometimes there is the desire to remove the evidence of those once pleasant/crazy memories. That is why I have launched the Erase the Canvas laser tattoo removal clinic; to help assist those who would like to either permanently "erase" the ink from their skin or make way for their favorite artist to lay down new ink to take its place."
Steven Mares
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